Get to know Locksley

Locksley MacLean is a Canadian circus artist specializing as a tight wire dancer and bungee artist. She got her start in acrobatics and performing at the young age of three when she started as a gymnast. She combines her love for the sport of gymnastics and the artistry and creativity of circus into a unique medley in her acts. 

Locksley got her start in circus after seeing Quidam by Cirque Du Soleil where she instantly fell in love with aerial hoop. She found a studio to begin training and later joined a mostly female troupe where she did dozens of shows, events and festivals solidifying her love and passion for circus and performing. 

Locksley is currently training at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She is a 2021 graduate of their professional program Protrack, where she majored in tight wire and minored in bungee.

Along  with tight wire and bungee she has also trained as a partner acrobatic base, aerial hoop, teeter board pusher, dance, and theatre.  


Mission Statement

Locksley's desire is to entertain the community in shows and performances meant to dazzle and inspire audiences from all over.

 "I wouldn’t do circus if I wasn’t madly in love with it. 

How can you be great at what you do if the underlying factor isn’t because you love it? 

I want to give other people the same feeling that I got when I saw my first Cirque Du Soleil show Quidam. I was filled with so much wonder, joy, excitement, hope and belief. I want to offer an escape, give them hope and joy, take them on a journey." ~Locksley 


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Locksley has preformed in dozens of different show, festival, and events in all different styles of venues from cooperate spaces, in theatres and outdoor.


A Walk with Mum

~ Tightwire Act ~


    2021 Demo